About us

We are a Danish puchase, sales and distribution company, with focus on medical equipment and consumable products. We are a fast-growing company with a large network in Jordan and Iraq, most of our sale and distribution happens in the Middle East.

DMK Kolding A/S purchase, sale and distributes disposable medical devices and equipment for hospitals and the medical industry. With many years of experience in the medical industry from the owners, DMK Kolding A/S started by exporting to the Middle Eastern market.

Our products are sold through distributor network, which consist of independent distributors and agents.


DMK Kolding A/S is a family owned company established in 2012. We started by exporting disposable medical devices and equipment to the Middle East in a small office in House of Innovation in Kolding, which is a house full of small innovative and new companies. In 2015, we moved to self-owned facilities on Haderslevvej 140, 6000 Kolding, DK. We are now expanding our markets to the EU.