Our vision is to promote health through being a supplier of quality products within disposable products for the medical industry.

Our mission is to be a strong and competitive skillfully sales and trade partner. This must be done without compromising the quality level.

Our ambitions are to be a leading company in delivering high quality products and to be competitive in quality and price.

To be a leading company in delivering high quality products and to be competitive in quality and price'

We provide high customer service. Our first priority is to fulfill every need and wishes that our customers must have.

We use supplier of high quality medical equipment handling orders as agreed with our customers.

We will have focus on risks and possibilities that can affect products or processes must be identified, understood and actions to handle these identified and implemented to ensure customer satisfaction and effectiveness of the company processes.

The quality management standard is to be complied with, maintained, implemented and effective.

Our company will work active on improving the quality system and the internal processes to ensure that the system and the company are able to support our customers in the best way, and to be in compliance with the expectations from the marked and our customers.

Relevant legal requirements are followed and implemented in order to provide our customers with services and products that are in correspondents with regulatory requirements.

Our result makes a difference

Vi solve our tasks and are result oriented. We are proud to be a service company who puts the customers first.

We show activeness
We have the courage to think big, new and find tailored solutions that works. Initiative, commitment and knowledge is a requirement.

We focus on quality
We are a reliable partner, that puts an honor in delivering solutions of high quality products. We continually develop our competences to assure the quality.

We listen to everyone and think across
We work across and think as a union. We share our knowledge with our partners.

Together we create a good work environment
We love what we do. We pull together –  but takes every individual needs and desires into consideration.